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Empowering Leaders & Influencing Growth


Building a business and promoting a brand can be a tedious process for many small business owners. Our company empowers entrepreneurs by providing resources through education and coaching to help manage the workload required for building their brand. Our 1-on-1 business professional coaching sessions are built around the needs of the individual(s) and their unique business model. Through business consulting, we have served many new business owners and experienced professionals for more than 5 years across varying industries. Please review our list of services to find how we may better serve you.

“Let's Talk Strategy has helped me TREMENDOUSLY in my business. They were not only knowledgeable in back-office structuring (trademarking and IRS resources) but they also provided consulting services to help me develop ideas for my business products and marketing strategies. They will always be my go-to."

-LaKiesha, Owner of Twisted Treats Poetic Pastries

Alexa Young, CA

Business Meeting


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